Franciscan Sisters of the Transfiguration

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"it is one of our works of the various educational fields that we carry out as Franciscan religious of the Transfiguration"

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The educational action is based on Christian inspiring principles, which start from the action of the Creator and open themselves to the witness on the values ​​of life, peace, justice and respect for creation.

It is open to all children regardless of race, language, religion, political opinions.

Times and criteria for the management of the service, monthly fees and all indications of a managerial nature are disclosed.

Individual and collective opportunities for comparison with the educational team are guaranteed.

We want our nursery school to be a hospitable place where your child can find the space and the familiar and serene atmosphere where he spends the hours of the day when you, parents, for family or work reasons, want to entrust it to us.

Furthermore, it is the place where your child will begin to develop their faculties, to socialize with their peers and to become familiar with the different environments of their family environment.

Our educational methods are inspired by those of the tradition of the Catholic school.

We want them to have the growth and social development of children according to the principles of the Christian community.


 ASILO NIDO IS OPEN from Monday to Friday

 FROM 7.30 HOURS UNTIL 16.30

Our aim is to carry out a series of activities that:

- stimulate the psycho-physical development of the child

- develop his creativity

- offer opportunities for meeting and interaction


Physical and motor development:

  • simple routes to reach objects
  • facial and body mimicry games
  • posters depicting animals or figures with gestures to be imitated

 Cognitive activities:

  • development of sense-perceptive ability: recognizing objects, shapes, sizes, colors, smells, tastes, sounds (soft, hard balls, natural objects, fruit, flowers)
  • Linguistic education: nursery rhymes, songs, mime songs, stories

knowledge of space and time:

  • above-below concepts, inside-out, near-far. before after;
  • paths in the classroom and in the garden with drawings that highlight the reference elements (traffic light, road, etc.)

Artistic activities:

  • ability to use the medium with which to draw (marker, pen, pencil, crayons, brushes)
  • large sheets of paper, colored cards
  • paints with hands and feet

Manipulative activities:

  • gluing, collage, drawings with tear-off paper, plasticine, game of stains, color, das, sand, mixtures of flour and water, rice, pasta and corn, colored sawdust

Socialization activities:

  • group games
  • stories and fairy tales
  • songs
  • disguises